Game for Humanity – First Edition


This concept was derived with the intention of having fun whilst spreading a positive outlook and mentality between human beings in general irrespective of age, race, gender, religion etc.
Our Game for Humanity Community Edition works by performing a random act of kindness and once you have performed this act, pass the card on to the person whom is on the receiving end of the act. It will then be up to them to perform the same act of kindness and pass on the card to the recipient of their act of kindness and so on and so on with the result being more people doing more admirable and inspirational things whilst having fun doing so.
By initiating a positive mentality and doing good along with promoting kindness, we believe we are creating positive ripples of change which will accumulate into giving becoming an aspirational lifestyle and the World a better place for everyone
Weight 68 g
Dimensions 92 × 68 × 15 mm


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